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Banner & Cleeve Trophy History

Banner Trophy

The Banner Trophy was donated by Mr George Banner, once Tower Captain at Alderton, and he can be found on an old peal board there. The G&B were bequested some money on his death, which was used to pay for one of the two new trebles at Gloucester Cathedral and the trophy shown here. The Trophy is awarded to the best team in the Branch 6-bell competition, who then goes forward to represent the Branch in the Association Croome Trophy.

Cleeve Trophy

The Cleeve Trophy, which was introduced in 2002, was donated by Janet Covey-Crump (née Cleeve) as an award for the best novice band. 'Novice' is presently defined as 'no more than two G&B proficiency certificates within the band'.


Cheltenham Branch Striking Competitions Rules

Branch Competition Rules (in a printable format).

Association Rules

The rules will closely follow those used for the Association as follows:

  • The test piece will be 120 changes (not 240) of any Doubles or Minor method.
  • Each team shall have 5 minutes to adjust ropes and practise as they wish.
  • The signal to start will be two whole pulls on the treble.
  • Marking will start at the first blow of the method or the first Call Change, or after one minute of rounds if the opening rounds exceed one minute.
  • The closing rounds will be marked in full.
  • Judging will be entirely on the standard of striking.


  • One Ringing Master shall be in charge of the competition.
  • Plain courses or Call Changes to a minimum of 120 are allowed subject to the agreement of the Ringing Master in charge (see FAQs).
  • The Steward and Ringing Master in charge shall be allowed to participate in the competition.

Local Branch Rules

When many bands are expected to enter, we may choose to have more than one draw so that people do not have to wait while all competitors ring. This should also enable us to allow for individual towers that have additional ringing commitments, e.g. weddings, if we are warned in advance.

Band composition

Towers may enter more than one band of regular Sunday Service ringers. One reserve ringer with a regular association with the tower may be included to make up one of the bands with the consent of the Ringing Master in charge.

Scratch bands

Towers wishing to include members but not having enough ringers to make up another bona fide band should ask the Ringing Master in charge to organise a suitable scratch band. It would be helpful to have an indication of names in advance.

Banner vs. Cleeve Trophies

All bands will compete for the Banner Trophy. Bands with only two ringers with proficiency certificates can also compete for the Cleeve Trophy (see FAQs).

Janet Covey-Crump & Philip Abbey
Joint Ringing Masters
27 November 2004


Past Competition Winners


G & B

Association Trophies

For a complete set of rules for the Association competitions please see the Association Annual report.

Penn Trophy

Association 8-bell striking competition. Each branch shall select a representative band containing not more than five ringers from any one tower.

Full list of Penn Trophy results

Cheltenham Branch Winners!

2021Virtually on RingingRoom
2006Wanborough, Swindon
1996St. Mary de Crypt, Gloucester
168 Grandsire Triples
1Conrad Warford
2Stuart Tomlinson
3Isabel Hitchings
4Hilda Ridley
5Terry Jones
6Mark Davies (C)
7John Ridley
8Ray Talbot
8 April 2006
168 Stedman Triples
1Hilda Ridley
2Conrad Warford
3Mark Davies
4Stuart Tomlinson
5Simon Ridley
6Richard Knight
7Philip Abbey (C)
8John Ridley


Croome Trophy

Each branch holds a local competition to select a tower to represent it in the Association 6-bell competition. At least five of the band must be regular Sunday service ringers of the tower they represent. The sixth must have a genuine and regular association with the tower.

Full list of Croome Trophy results

Cheltenham Branch Winners!

Year Winners and Venue
2023 St Mark at Frenchay
2022 St Mark at Cromhall
2010 Charlton Kings at Coaley, Wotton-under-Edge
2006 Charlton Kings at Hannington, Swindon
2005 Charlton Kings at Hatherop, Cirencester
9 April 2005
240 Grandsire Doubles
1David Greenaway
2Hilda Ridley
3Richard Knight
4Quentin Jackson
5John Ridley (C)
6Simon Ridley
8 April 2006
240 Grandsire Doubles
1Alan Smith
2Hilda Ridley
3Richard Knight
4Quentin Jackson
5John Ridley (C)
6Simon Ridley
17 April 2010
240 Grandsire Doubles
1Alex Hajok
2Hilda Ridley
3Ray Talbot
4Quentin Jackson
5John Ridley (C)
6Simon Ridley


Nibley Trophy

The Young Person's Striking Competition was started in 2004.

Full list of Nibley Trophy results

Cheltenham Branch Winners!

Year Venue
2005 Langley Burrell
21 May 2005
Rounds and call changes
(in no particular order)
Emma Murphy or Megan?
Max Drinkwater
Jeremy Hitchings
Nathaniel Hitchings
Rachel Chadwick
Matthew Greenaway (Captain)
If anyone has fuller details of the band
composition and piece, please email
the website maintainer.


Best Kept Tower

Established to encourage and improve belfry maintenance. Rules and entry form for 2006. This competition is now suspended by resolution of the AGM 2010.

Cheltenham Winners!

Year Awards
2010 Cheltenham, St. Mark's - Overall Winner (Bliss Trophy, winner of the 'Eight and Over' category)
2009 Cheltenham, Warden Hill - Overall Winner (Bliss Trophy)
2008 Cheltenham, Warden Hill - Highly Commended
Cheltenham, St. Mark's - Highly Commended. Awarded the Ringing Master's Baldrick (right) due to the amount of effort put in by the local band this past year towards achieving what they wanted from the restoration.
2006 Cheltenham, St. Mark's - Highly Commended
2005 Cheltenham, Warden Hill - Highly Commended
Cheltenham, St. Mark's - Highly Commended. Award for improvement in the face of severe adversity!


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