George Banner

1971 Report, page 17 "In Memorium"

"GEORGE EDWARD BANNER. Tower Secretary and Captain for many years at Alderton. A very loyal member of the Cheltenham Branch, died on October 22nd. In the last year or so George found it a difficult task to climb the tower to ring. His smile will be missed by many."

1972 Report, p18, Cheltenham Branch Report starts with:

"1972 has been a year to remember within the Branch. One of the significant events was the introduction of a Branch Trophy, the "GEORGE BANNER TROPHY". This silver cup is a result of donations given by relatives and friends, in memory of the late George Edward Banner, captain of Alderton tower. It is awarded to the winner of Branch ringing competitions."

then later in the Cheltenham Branch report

"The Croome Trophy eliminating competition at Badgeworth resulted in the first winners of the George Banner Trophy being Leckhampton, it was presented to them by Miss E. M. Bliss, Association Chairman. The same team secured fourth place in the Croome Competition at Bristol."

1973 Report, p 22, Cheltenham Branch Report:

"...The half annual meeting was the Branch Striking Competition and was held at Alderton. Only four teams entered from two towers and St Mary's Parish Church was placed first. ............ It was most fitting that Mrs. Banner, widow of the late George Banner of Alderton was able to be present and present the Banner Trophy, given in memory of her late husband."

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